Dude, you don't need thinspiration. You look amazing as it. (FYI)

Awwwww you’re waaayyyyy too cute!! You keen for gay prom???? :D

Ya any plans for the long weekend?

Ahh hangs with a mate tomorrow, then Saturday, I can’t remember, I feel it have something on..

Sunday GAY PROM!! Haha taken a whole bunch of mates who have never been!! I’ll probably see my cousins sometime tooo

I probably should have also said that i think your voice is amazing and that I think you are cute :)

Awwwww why why thank you :)

You are very very sweet!!

Could I have possibly seen you today when I was at typo ?

Yes, if you were at garden city today then yep that was me! ^_^

You are lovely. Wow wow wow!

Awww thanks, I think you’re lovely!