I thought I would never be in one, I didn't even know what it was. But it is one of the best feelings to be loved by two girls. I agree it's not for everyone but you never know until you try :)


Yeah, I couldn’t do that to myself or the two other girls personally. i’m traditional in that sense I guess. 

I know it’s not for me, but i’m glad you have something that works for you.

What is your opinion on poly relationships?


if it works for you then sure. 

I personally couldn’t do it, when I am in a relationship i’m committed to one person.

You are hot 😚 have a great day cutie


No where near, but thank you! Have a great day yourself!

Hi I'm from Perth as well :) I was wondering if you knew any good lgbt places to meet up with Thankyou :)


Well as in night clubs The Court or Connections.

If you mean like day spots.. haha for some reason Greens and Co in Leederville seems like a popular gay spot

How would I download Emily for free


Most of My tracks you can download on soundcloud except most of the ones on my demo.

Here’s the link to download Emily for free!

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    if i show you a picture on my phone, do not SWIPE. ain’t nobody tell you to take a motherfucking tour.

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A Day To Remember - If It Means A Lot To You

Gotta admit, I loved this song years ago and I still love it today. ♡

This song fucking breaks my heart to this day.