Um hello you're really cute ok bye


I do okay, but you’re sweet. Thank you

Hiii… Bbyyee

*different anon* I am starting to think almost everyone of your followers has a crush on you.


Hahaha noooooo not true!

Yes but it's really embarrassing since I hardly know you but damn u r cute and so nice and I feel dumb because these things are always one sided I am sorryy


Don’t feel sorryy, bite the bullet and just tell me?!

I think with a couple more clues I could work out who this is? Plllleeasssee

No, not long


Give me a clue of some sort?

Do you live in Perth?

I can't tell u I am too shy sorry


Awww give me clues?!

Have we been talking long?

I don't know you that well yet but I have a crush on you


Who’s this?

I can't get the songs off my mind 😊 so cool love your voice 😝


Thanks so much :)

Well seeing as how i am a struggling artist, perhaps, if its not asking a whole bunch, you could help me continue with art? :$ you seem to keep me wondering about you enough that i pursue talking to you so maybe you could help me with keeping at the arts. What do you think?


How would I be able to help?

Ur beautiful


Not at all, you are!